Paper on IEMI coupling to electrical and communications cables

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Paper on the coupling of intentional electromagnetic interference IEMI to electrical and communications cables accepted for publication in IEEE Transaction on Electromagnetic Compatibility.

Modern civilian society is dependent on a number of systems that must function together in order to enable society itself to function. Intentional electromagnetic interference (IEMI) attacks targeted at such “critical infrastructure” could have an adverse impact on our defence and economic security. Wired electrical and communication systems are a key component of many critical infrastructures so it is therefore important to understand how IEMI penetrates into them. This paper presents results that quantify the coupling of IEMI to a “raceway” containing power, Ethernet and telephone cables from 200 MHz to 6 GHz.

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The paper is the result of a collaboration between the AEG and EPFL, with EPFL conducting the low frequency experiments in a GTEM cell and the AEG undertaking complimentary high frequency measurments in a reverberation chamber. The work was part of the ERC funded STRUCTURES project that analysed the possible impacts of IEMI attacks and identified mitigation measures that can be applied. Full details can be found in the paper (Mora et al., 2016).


  1. Mora, N., Flintoft, I.D., Dawson, L., Dawson, J.F., Rachidi, F., Rubinstein, M., Marvin, A.C., Bertholet, P. and Nyffeler, M., 2016. Experimental characterization of the response of an electrical and communication raceway to IEMI. IEEE Transactions on Electromagnetic Compatibility, 58(2), pp.494–505.