Paper on modelling the shielding characteristics of nonwoven fabrics

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Paper on modelling the low frequency shielding effectiveness of nonwoven fabrics accepted for publication in IEEE Transaction on Electromagnetic Compatibility.

Nonwoven fabric materials with conductive fibres are often used as a lightweight functional layer in composite laminates to enhance the overall electromagnetic shielding performance of a structure. The structure of these types of material are random and can only be described statistically. In this paper we applied Monte Carlo simulation techniques to an equivalent circuit model of the material structure to derive semi-empirical models for the shielding performance of the material. These models can be applied in industry to the design of materials for particular applications.

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The image above shows a 3D image of a nonwoven structure derived from a particular structure generated by the Monte Carlo simulator. The small spheres denote contact points between the fibres which may have a non-zero resistance and therefore contribute to the overall surface resistance of the material and hence its shielding effectiveness.

The work in the paper is part of a collaboration between the AEG and Technical Fibre Products. My particular contribution to the collaboration was initiating the percolation theory approach to the modelling and developing and implementing the Monte Simulation tool in MATLAB using elements of the AEG Mesher software package.

Full details of the work can be found in the paper (Dawson et al., 2017; Austin et al., 2015; Austin et al., 2013).


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