Software Projects

Here are some of the open source software projects that I developed and maintain with links to their homepages:

Electromagnetic Solvers

image-left AEG Vulture: A finite-difference time-domain (FDTD) electromagnetic solver written in C99. It is suitable for use on small to medium scale simulations. Features include perfectly match layer (PML) boundaries, arbitrary frequency dependent media, arbitrary multi-plane wave sources and frequency dependent anisotropic thin boundary models.

image-left AEG PWB: An electromagnetic power balance solver and toolbox for estimating the high frequency fields in enclosure engineering problems. The solver is written in a portable subset of MATLAB/Octave making it very easy script and extend its capabilities and include empirical models into the analysis.

image-left AEG NEC2: A modified version of the Numerical Electromagnetics Code Version 2 (NEC2), a boundary element method (BEM) solver for wire structures. This version has a number of enhancements compared to the original version of NEC2, including dynamically allocated memory, the ability to use BLAS based LU solvers from LAPACK for increased performance and an improved user interface.


image-left AEG Mesher: A structured mesh generator</a> for converting unstructured meshes that can be generated by many CAD tools into structured meshes suitable for electromagnetic solvers such as AEG Vulture. The target structured mesh can be cubic, uniform or non-uniform. The input unstructured mesh can contain any number of physical objects defined by groups of mesh elements.

Validation Suites

image-left Electromagnetic Diffusion Model Canonical Test Cases: The electromagnetic diffusion model (EDM) offers the potential for extremely efficient estimation of the diffuse energy distribution in loaded reverberant environments. This set of software and test cases demonstrates the implementation of the EDM in 2D and 3D using an Open Source tool chain.

image-left AEG Box Testsuite: This is not actually software, but the specification of a test-suite for validation and verification of electromagnetic solvers, including measurement reference data-sets for some of the specified test-cases. The test-cases were designed to be representative of typical Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) applications and are therefore of particular utility for validating tools for use in this application area